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What to watch out for with casino bonusesocbr-2

Everybody loves free stuff. There’s a reason why online casino bonuses have quickly become all the rage in recent years, it’s because free stuff gets people to sign up more effectively than just a slick ad campaign. But whether they’re being marketed as a free no deposit casino bonus or not, casinos do not make their money through acts of charity, and these seemingly generous offers come attached with a multitude of strings that are designed to stop you from earning a lot of money with them. Signing up for these bonuses isn’t a Faustian bargain, but if you don’t know what to look for then you could wind up losing money in the long term. This article will help guide you into making the right decision when shopping around for the right casino bonuses.

Wagering requirements

The most common and widespread restriction applied to online casino bonuses is the often ill-understood wagering requirement. This seems simple enough on the surface – you simply bet a pre-set multiple of what you were given to withdraw your free cash. But hold fast – casinos aren’t going to make it easy for you. First, be understanding of what multiple you’re going to have to meet. 30x to 40x is common, but some casinos will try and rip you off with numbers as high as 99x. These casinos are counting on you not to read the fine print when signing up for such a casino bonus. You can filter out many of the “bad” casinos by going through a casino portal when you are browsing for new casino bonuses. By using a trusted casino portal, you know that the casinos promoted on the website are of a certain standard, and usually have fair wagering requirements attached to their bonuses.

Casinos further complicate matters by assigning “contributing percentages” to certain types of games. For example, if a game has a contributing percentage of only 50%, then only £1 of every £2 you spend on it goes towards completing the wagering requirement. This is done to purposely trip up inattentive players – that’s why you should always read the terms and conditions fully.

Also take into consideration what the house edge is. A house edge of 95% means that for every £100 a gambler bets they will, on average, they will get £95 back. Some places calculate it with a base of zero – in such an instance; a 5% edge would be the same as the 95% quoted above. Casinos loathe to give out these numbers, but bear in mind that a lot of online casino bonuses will try and steer you towards games that have a less advantageous house edge. Keno usually has the highest house edge and blackjack the lowest, but there’s quite a bit of variation in between as well.

No deposit casino bonusesocbr-1

I cannot fault you if you have come out of this article thinking that online casino bonuses are nothing more than a roundabout way of ripping off gamblers. The multitude of strings attached to these offers (most notably the infamous wagering requirement) is all designed to reduce what you win, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t come out ahead. Just make sure to understand exactly what you can do with an online casino bonus, doubly so it if it is a no deposit casino bonus. There are no free rides, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still gain something from these offers.

Online casino bonuses aren’t traps – after all, you’re still getting free stuff at the end of the day. And if you use trusted gaming portals like http://www.casinonodepositbonus.win/no-deposit-bonus/, you can find free offers that have reasonable terms and conditions, making it possible for you to come out on top and make money of them. Just know what you are looking for and what you want, as well as the ways in which the casino governs your use of the bonus. As long as you keep yourself well grounded, you will be well positioned to come out ahead almost every time.